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Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis can help you make long term positive changes. Hypnosis is effective for individuals and businesses. Hypnosis is available in my San Francisco office and by phone.


Hypnosis is a very calm state of being. When your are hypnotized, your body and mind will slow down and you'll simply relax. This relaxation allows for a clearing of "mental clutter" so that a heightened state of healing, transformation, focus, and growth can occur. Hypnosis can help you manifest your goals - the things that you're truly ready to achieve. Hypnosis helps to activate personal power, creativity and strengths when you're ready to make a change. It helps to transcend old barriers. It's a great tool for individuals and business development.

Not all hypnotherapy is the same! Many hypnotherapists only use direct suggestion. Although those sessions may be shorter and cheaper, the results are often short lived - if effective at all. As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Seasoned Counselor & Coach, I use Interactive Hypnotherapy with individuals – a method that I've found to be much more effective than traditional hypnosis. Interactive hypnotherapy with me involves dialogue during hypnosis, use of transformational imagery, emotional and energetic release, age regression, work with the body-mind relationship, healing root causes, inner child healing, transcending psychological blocks, and re-scripting thought patterns by supporting your goals, images, words, and inner wisdom.  Hypnosis can activate the parts of yourself that are waiting to blossom. Although each person is unique, many of my clients experience significant and long term changes within several sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart.

Although hypnotherapy is not psychotherapy, I draw from my experience as a psychotherapist and coach to develop a thorough and highly personalized approach to co-facilitating your transformational journey through hypnotherapy. I encourage you to be wary of hypnotherapy practitioners who promise rapid results from short sessions. Whether you're seeking hypnotherapy to heal emotional wounds or to expand your business, you are worth the investment of working with a hypnotherapist who is properly trained and capable of helping you blossom - someone who will take the time to personalize the process, a professional who's a good fit for you.

Our hypnotherapy work together will involve a thorough intake process and on-going discussion about your progress so that we can consider all relevant aspects of your being - your history, emotional and behavioral patterns, current stressors, triggers, inner strengths, resources and your goals as they evolve. We will fine-tune your hypnosis sessions to your specific needs. You will also receive a personalized recording from each of your hypnotherapy sessions. These Hypnosis recordings are an important part of your personalized transformational program. Listening to your hypnotherapy recordings regularly helps reinforce the healing process for long term results. You should never listen to your Hypnosis recordings while driving or doing anything else that requires concentration.

You may begin to experience results from hypnosis after only one hypnotherapy session and a single issue can often be addressed successfully in a few hypnotherapy sessions. Certainly results vary among individuals, as no two people are the same. For more multi-layered issues and multiple goals, more hypnotherapy sessions will likely be needed.

Who can benefit from hypnosis? Almost anyone who is truly ready to make changes can benefit from hypnosis. If you're eager to grow, release those aspects of yourself that are no longer serving you, willing to go within to activate your power and inner resources and ready to blossom, then there's a good chance that you can benefit from hypnotherapy.

It's okay to be nervous about hypnotherapy!
Hypnosis can't make you do anything that you don't want to do. We'll also move at the pace that's right for you. Hypnosis Sessions can be catered for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses. Fees vary accordingly - as they should.

How long are hypnosis sessions? The initial session takes up to 2 hours. Subsequent sessions run about 90 minutes. Given the length of sessions and the power of my style of hypnotherapy when compared to many other modalities, fees are generally considered quite low.

Hypnotherapy is reimbursable by most Employee Flex Plans, many HSA's (with doctor's prescription) and is often a tax deduction for businesses. I'm happy to provide receipts. Please check with your financial/tax adviser and plan for details.

My San Francisco hypnotherapy office is comfortable, professional, and conveniently located. In many cases, hypnotherapy is also available by phone. For business development and larger groups only, I may be able to travel to you for hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

Fear, Sadness, Constrictions, Inner Child Healing, Business Expansion, Manifesting Money, Losing Weight, Organization, Focus and Task Management, Motivation, Insomnia, Stress Management, Healing Faster from Surgery, Medical Issues/Body-Mind Relationship, Creativity, Finding Your Voice, Accessing Intuition, Improving Confidence, Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom & Calm, Past Life Regression, and so much more!

Hypnotherapy is not intended for people dealing with moderate to severe depression, anxiety and trauma that is not already being treated by a qualified medical or mental health professional.

Hypnosis is also a powerful business tool. It can help your company expand your profits, gain clarity, sustain focus and work collaboratively as a team.

Call for a free 15 minute phone consultation: 415-377-7533 ~ San Francisco office & phone sessions available. Matthew does not address inquiries via text.

“Through Matthew Engel's spiritual and professional assistance and hypnotherapy, I went through a relationship break-up with peace and ease. I've attained love, strength, and great compassion. As I started to radiate this great energy back into the universe, I manifested the career that I always dreamed of and manifested 6 months worth of income in an expensive city within just a month. Matthew is a wonderful healer.”
~ M.L. - Author and Entrepreneur, British Vancouver

“Thank you, Matthew, for your guidance through hypnotherapy. I successfully broke my self-injurious habit and I really appreciate how you encouraged me with professionalism and non-judgment. You gave me enough space to feel comfortable in a new environment. I was amazed at how much one hypnotherapy session could open me up to a whole new place in my spiritual self. It allowed me to heal from within, and I feel blessed by the information I gathered through my hypnotherapy with you. Thanks!
~ V.S. - San Francisco, CA

"I found my hypnosis with Matthew to be extremely helpful in staying organized and getting things done. My business is growing as a result."
~ T.S. - Realtor - San Francisco

“Matthew Engel creates a very safe environment for you to explore profound issues through hypnotherapy. I always feel able to go very deep, knowing that he is there to gently guide me. Our sessions have helped me address some very deep-rooted issues in a truly helpful and unintimidating way. I would recommend Matthew to anyone.”
~ N.B. - San Francisco, CA

"Matthew, I wanted to tell you that since our first hypnotherapy session, I have hardly blushed at all, which is incredibly awesome.  I feel so much more confident about being in social situations.  Whatever happened during the first hypnosis meeting really, really started to work.  I will definitely schedule another appointment. Thank you again for everything!"
~ E.H. - Oakland, CA

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