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Past Life Regression - Matthew Engel, MSW, CHT - Certified Hypnotherapist, San Francisco

Explore Your Past Lives & Heal: Past Life Regression in San Francisco and by phone.

Have you ever been curious about reincarnation or any of your past lives? Have you spent time exploring issues from your current life but had difficulty identifying the source of a current life theme or pattern? If so then past life regression may help. Using principles of hypnosis and guided meditation, most people can revisit a past life. Past life regression can lead to a deeper understanding of current life themes, events, issues, patterns and relationships. A past life regression can also provide you with an opportunity to clear, heal, and release karmic patterns that are no longer serving a Higher Purpose. The information that you receive in a past life regression is entirely self-generated. Even skeptics have been amazed by this work.

Individual Past Life Regressions: Initial session takes up to 2 hours. I'll email you an MP3 recording of your session a few days later. Please note that recordings are an extra bonus. I cannot responsible for technological glitches.

The evolutionary journey of your soul, personal transformation, and self discovery are priceless.

Past Life Regression is available in my comfortable San Francisco office and by phone.

Successful Past Life Regression: Although most people I've worked with have been able to witness at least one Past Life in their first Past Life Regression, a wide variety of factors beyond my control can impact one's success with this work. These may include: moderate to severe depression, untreated Bi-Polar Disorder, ADHD, substance abuse, the client's readiness, and resistance to trusting the process. Sometimes, a preparation session can help support success in past life regression. Please contact me to discuss details. If you're brand new to Past Life Regression, I recommend reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Journey of Souls by Michael Newton prior to your first session.

Past Life Regression - Testimonials:

“Matthew, I wanted to tell you how powerful that Past Life Regression was! I've been thinking about it and a lot more has uncovered itself. I feel different, lighter, and more myself since the Past Life Regression…Instead of hiding from situations I am actually excited to put myself out there and build relationships. It feels good! Also, I looked into the region in China where (during the past life regression) I felt I lived and it actually exists! The Past Life Regression was truly an opening for me and I'm very grateful to you. Thank you so much!
~ B.N., San Francisco, CA

"The most powerful manifestations of my Past Life Regression with Matthew is that I got my health back. My forever-sore shoulder was cured after I found that my arm got chopped off in one past life. I also healed the root cause of my GERD and it's getting better and better...a great deal of gratitude to you, Matthew.”
~ M.L., San Francisco, CA

Convenient San Francisco Office. Phone Sessions Available. For additional information about hypnosis - the gateway to past life regression - please click here.

EMAIL ME: I typically respond daily. If you don't hear back within 48 hours, please try again. Our correspondence may have been lost in cyberspace. I don't address inquries via text message.
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