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Having taught these classes 100+ times to hundreds of students, I continue to be humbled and inspired by the intuitive wisdom, love and interconnectedness with each other and with the Spirit that my students actualize through these seminars.

Psychic Classes, San Francisco
: Why Develop Your Psychic Skills?

You are psychic! Most of you receive information psychically all the time but all too often ignore this information or write it off as a coincidence. Have you ever been thinking about a friend just prior to receiving a call from that person? Have you ever known just the right thing to say? Have you ever left an encounter with someone feeling like you picked up a strange vibe from that person? Have you ever made a decision that did not seem practical to others but you knew it was the right decision? Have you had prophetic dreams? Are you simply curious about developing your psychic skills? Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced Channel, you will learn through these transformative classes how to harness and develop your psychic skills in ways that can help you feel more guided, grounded, and secure in your daily interactions and decision-making. These classes are taught experientially through discussion, guided meditation, symbolic imagery work, mini-readings from classmates, and so much more. Intuition is a necessary life skill. Your life will change when you use it!

The planet is changing rapidly and intensively. We are all being called now more than ever to draw upon our Psychic & Intuitive abilities in order to survive these changes. My mission is to support you through the process with Psychic Classes & all of my life transformation services.

Psychic Classes: San Francisco: 543 Castro Street

Level I: Sunday, March 31 2019 from 10am-4pm

Psychic Class for Beginners & People Seeking a Review:
Learn psychic tools for grounding, protection, working with clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, symbolic imagery, physical sensations, influence of the ego, the Universal Light as a Source for tuning in; begin doing psychic readings for others with Matthew's assistance in a safe and supportive small group setting either in person or from the comfort of your own home; connect with others who are exploring just like you. Make new spiritual friends from around the world!

Tuition: $179.

Level 2: Psychic Class for People Who've Taken Part I or a Previous Psychic Class with Matthew: Learn new tools to read psychically for yourself, meet a Spirit Guide, develop energy boundaries, learn how to read the astral body and chakras as a way of adding depth to reading for yourself seeing other people more clearly, acquire powerful tools for clearing energy and chakra cleansing, learn to differentiate which energies, feelings, goals and ideas are authentically yours verses when they belong to someone else.

When: Sunday, April 28 2019 from 10am-4pm in San Francisco
Tuition: $179. Register Here. Use the 3rd Buy Now Menu.

Tuition Discount of $25 for those who enroll in both classes for Summer 2018.
Levels 1 & 2 Combined: $333.

Psychic Skills, The Art of Prediction: This fascinating class will provide tools for exploring potential outcomes for both individual and collective/societal issues and themes. This class is open to students who've taken an Introductory Psychic Development seminar with Matthew.

When: TBA - Sign up for my newsletter for the latest class announcements.

Tuition Discount for Multiple Psychic Classes:

Register Here. Use the 3rd Buy Now Menu.

My Psychic Classes often sell out. Advanced registration is required. Please see the "Policies" page regarding enrollment.

Spirit Guide Chat/Advanced Psychic Development, San Francisco: Deepen your relationship with personified Higher Guidance and further refine your use of all aspects of psychic energies.

Dates: TBA

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What others have said about my Psychic Classes:

"There was so much learned, not just from Matthew, but from other students as well. The topics addressed were themes that were currently occurring in my life. Matthew's psychic classes definitely took my knowledge to the next level." - T.J. - San Francisco, CA

"I can't believe how much I've grown in these two weeks. I didn't expect to be able to read other people psychically or see auras or energy, but I could. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking to develop their intuitive skills or grow spiritually." - A.T. - San Francisco, CA

"Matthew's psychic classes bring me back to an awareness of Spirit & a renewed sense of trust in this connection." - M.K. - San Francisco, CA

“Matthew, I want to thank you for the Psychic Development classes. They have become a real part of my learning, growing experience and I feel enriched and enlightened in so many ways. I will continue my spiritual journey and be back for more. Thank you so much." - T.D. - San Francisco, CA

"Thank you, Matthew, for the wonderful Psychic class. I learned so much and opened up so much. Please keep me posted for further classes and workshops." – N.B., San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been through other clairvoyant training and I’ve found the method that Matthew teaches in his Channeling classes to be the easiest way of receiving information from Spirit quickly and accurately.” - M.T., San Francisco, CA

"When is your next class? I can't wait to continue my learning!" - F.Z., Santa Rosa, CA

Advanced Psychic and Spirituality Development Class: Contact Matthew for Dates.

Psychic Class Background:

Yes, you are psychic! Psychic energy is all around us and we all have the potential to harness it. This course introduces you to the art of developing and utilizing your psychic skills in daily life. Through a guided meditation process, use of symbolic imagery, and mini-readings with your classmates, you will learn and practice the fundamental steps involved in allowing your intuition to flow freely in a way that you can access anytime, anywhere. Developing your psychic skills has many uses: Allowing for greater comfort when making a decision; deepening your understanding your Higher life purpose and karmic relationships; connecting more deeply with your Spirit Guides and the Divine, and many more. Students who take this class consistently report that Matthew’s teaching model provides a quick and easy process for connecting with Divine Guidance. They also report feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated, and at peace!

Matthew Engel is a professional psychic, channel, intuitive reader, medium, counselor and hypnotherapist who specializes in helping his clients develop a deeper understanding of their higher life purpose while dissolving blocks that prevent them from actualizing it.
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