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Matthew Engel, Psychic San Francisco, Los Angeles

Psychic Readings with Matthew Engel - San Francisco, Los Angeles

A professional psychic, channel, and intuitive in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Matthew became aware of his psychic gifts as a teenager. He studied with several psychic mentors in his 20’s, began offering psychic readings in San Francisco in 2004 and works in Los Angeles as well. In his psychic work, Matthew draws from his background in the counseling field as a way of compassionately helping you move forward. However, a psychic reading should not be confused with psychotherapy. Psychic readings with Matthew are intended to look at the blueprint and various energies at work in your life so that you can maximize your experience with them. A psychic reading with Matthew can be a valuable tool to assist you in developing a clearer understanding of your situation, inner strengths, obstacles and choices, the future trajectory for certain issues, as well as the higher purpose for those circumstances. Issues that may be addressed in a psychic reading include: Career, Relationships, Finance, Health, Family, Creativity, Transitions, Spirituality, Life Purpose and more. Psychic readings may include astrology. Psychic Readings with Matthew are available in his San Francisco office and by phone, FaceTime and Zoom.

Psychic Readings: Limited Availability
Matthew now has limited availability for single session psychic readings. The bulk of his work is now focused on spiritually oriented counseling, life coaching and hypnotherapy - incorporating the various tools that he's used throughout his 22 year career: psychic gifts, soul evolutionary astrology, psychology, therapy training, hypnotherapy, past life regression. Spiritually oriented counseling, life coaching, and hypnotherapy are intended for people seeking to engage in soul level transformational growth over a series of sessions and can be done in person or by phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

Testimonials About Psychic Readings with Matthew:

"Thank you for your in depth assessment and reading into where my soul will be most content...I am encouraged and this couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you!"

"Thank you very much for your psychic reading today. You pointed out some very important things that I need to clarify before making a decision...I will definitely be scheduling some more time with you soon."

"Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. It was spot on and reminded me of my spiritual center. I will definitely want to work with you in the future."

Questions and Answers about Psychic Readings with Matthew Engel:

Q: What is the difference between a “psychic,” “intuitive” or “channeled” reading?

A: There isn’t any. I utilize my intuitive or psychic skills to channel information from Spirit Guides, Angels, and your Higher Consciousness. I use these terms interchangeably as a way of reaching out to people who may be more familiar with one term verses another. I prefer to think of myself as a Channel.

Q: Do you use tarot cards or astrology in a psychic reading?

A: My primary gift is my psychic skill set; however I have studied astrology for many years and some tarot. I sometimes use these additional tools for points of reference in a psychic reading but not as the only vehicle.

Q: Do you predict the future in a psychic reading?

A: Sometimes. Certain events and circumstances are “karmic” or “meant to be” and many of these can be identified in a channeled reading. However, we all have an infinite number of choices throughout our lives and these play a significant role in the timing and details regarding circumstances and events as well as the events themselves. My readings are intended to assist you in accessing your personal power to lead an abundant and meaningful life. For example, I have found that it's less useful to tell you that you are going to meet the love of your life in March than it is to focus on the details of your energetic process that may be preventing you from finding this person and look at ways that you can make greater use of your time as a single person so that you are more fully prepared for the relationship when it appears. Because you have free will, your choices now will influence your future. A good psychic reading can provide clarity to help you manifest your future! If you are looking for a psychic reading for the primary purpose of getting future predictions, we probably aren't a good fit to work together.

Q: What about global predictions?

A: Since global events are the manifestation of mass consciousness, many of these can be more readily predicted. However, individual choices can cumulatively influence outcomes. For example, we as individuals have the power to decrease the effects of global warming. I am happy to present channeled information for groups on various global topics or issues.

Q: How can I tell if you (or any) intuitive reader is really psychic?

A: A psychic reading should reflect some of the significant influences on your life, as well as your conflicts, strengths, and inner process. The more authentically you know your self, the more readily you will be able to determine the accuracy and authenticity of a channeled reading.

Q: Can psychic abilities be developed?

A: Yes!! Although some people are more innately psychic than others are, this skill can be developed like any other. I have had the privilege of helping countless students develop their own channeling abilities through my Psychic Development Classes. Oftentimes, a channeled reading can assist someone in listening more closely to his/her own Divine Guidance as well!

Q: Do you communicate with the deceased?

A: Yes. I have often contacted deceased loved ones in order to briefly clarify themes that went unresolved while s/he was in body. The spirit of this individual must be willing to communicate through me and the communication must serve some type of higher purpose. Generally, these spirits will present themselves to me with some type of identifying personality traits or physical characteristics that they possessed in body as a way of confirming for you that we have made contact. The soul does live on. *With that said, I feel it's important to point out that mediumship is not my specialty. If you want a reading that focuses exclusively on communicating with deceased loved ones, I can refer you to some respected colleagues.

Q: What can I expect from a psychic reading? How does it work?

A: In a psychic reading, I will quietly tune into your energy and provide insight about various life themes that you are dealing with and address your questions. The more specific your questions, the more specific the answers! Oftentimes, part of the reading will involve helping someone identify the real question behind the presenting issue. Doing so can deepen the usefulness of the reading and help you get more out of it.

Q: How long does a psychic reading last?

A: Psychic readings are available as 40 and 60 minute sessions. You would determine the length of the reading ahead of time based upon the number of issues that you would like to address.

Q: Where would a psychic reading with you take place?

A: I am available for psychic readings in person at my professional office in San Francisco and by phone or video call. Psychic readings are available by appointment only.

Q: Does a long distance psychic reading by phone really work?

A: Yes! You are emitting the same energy whether we meet in person or over the phone and I have no problem reading your energy from afar. Most professional psychics do readings over the phone and many of the "big name" psychics offer readings exclusively by phone. My clients are scattered around the globe. Psychic readings by phone are just as powerful!

Q: Are sessions confidential?

A: Yes. For additional info, please see my Policies Page.

Q: How can I obtain a psychic reading with you?

As of Spring 2019, I have very limited availability for single session psychic readings and may not be able to honor all requests for them. I do not address inquiries or scheduling via text message.

Q: What other books, authors, or teachers have influenced you?

A: Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ester & Jerry Hicks/Abraham, Shirley MacLaine, Caroline Myss, Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, Dick Sutphen, Sonaya Roman & Marilyn Gordon – to name a few. My knowledge and skill set continue to grow tremendously through meditation, channeling, and my own personal transformational process.

Psychic, Channel, Intuitive Reader, San Francisco & beyond.

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Matthew Engel, Psychic San Francisco, Los Angeles

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