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Matthew on the Radio

Matthew is a regular guest on various psychic and personal growth radio shows. He has also been interviewed on Comcast Cable TV and frequently gives talks and presentations at community, spiritual, professional, and other venues. Talking about his work with groups is one of Matthew's greatest joys. He feels deeply privileged to assist others in deepening their understanding of metaphysics, spirituality, life purpose, and personal growth. If you would like to schedule a presentation or have Matthew as a guest on your show, please inquire. Matthew has been well regarded as a caring, articulate, and engaging public speaker.

Matthew's Mini Series as Guest Host: "Intuitive Therapy"

January 20, 2010: Part 1: Introducing Intuitive Therapy!

February 27th, 2010: Part 2: Your Tool Kit for Surviving Narcissistic Personalities - Because We All Know a Narcissist!

On-Air Interviews and Readings:

Karmic Contracts & Soul Agreements -
With Joy Barker on Angel Talk Cafe - March 11, 2009 - (1 hour show).

Memory Lane: Past Lives, Reincarnation ~ What's it All About?
With Joy Barker on Angel Talk Cafe - April 22, 2009 (1 hour show).

On-Air Readings with Matthew
With Host Phyllis King, The Common Sense Psychic - April 14, 2009 (1 hour show).

Current Events, Spirituality, & On-Air Readings
With Host Kristen White on Reporting Live from the Universe - May 5, 2009 (45 minute show).
Primarily addresses the spiritual and personal growth aspects of our challenging economy.

Matthew Guest Hosts "Angel Talk Cafe"
The 2nd Chakra: Platform for Spiritual Transformation - May 13th, 2009 - (60 minute show).
The 2nd Chakra may be the most misunderstood of the 7 major energy centers. Commonly associated with creativity and sexuality, these aspects of human existence are important; however our emotional experiences comprise the most fundamental aspects of Soul Evolution and Growth. These begin in the 2nd Chakra – our Emotional Body. In this fascinating show, Matthew discusses the ways in which our emotional experiences serve a key role in our spiritual evolution and how we can utilize them as a launching pad for growth. He also answered questions from callers and provided Psychic Readings on-air. This is one show you won’t want to miss!

Spirituality In An Ever Changing World. August 5, 2009 - (60 minute show). We're living in challenging times and many people are experiencing some type of emotional and spiritual fall-out. Our collective energy is changing abruptly and as a result, relationships, careers, finance, and our overall identities are being affected. Joy and Matthew will be discussing the psychological and spiritual implications for emotional healing and personal growth. Learn about the tools available for turning hardship into transformation. On "Angel Talk Cafe" with hosts Joyce Barker & Diane Gunderson.

What's in Store for 2010? January 10, 2010 (60 minute show). 2009 was a tough year! How can you make optimal use of the energy shifts in 2010 in order to manifest what you want this year? Matthew will discuss this important subject and offer on-air readings with hosts Karen Hager & Annie Miller on "Metaphysical Living."

Psychic Protection: Not Just For Psychics! February 23, 2010 (60 minute show). Let's face it, we can all get blasted by the energy of other people. How can you protect yourself emotionally, psychically, and energetically in your daily life - whether you're intuitive or not? Matthew will discuss this necessary topic with the engaging host, Karen Hager on "Out of the Fog."

Working With Fear & On-Air Readings. March 16, 2010. On "The Common Sense Psychic" with world renowned Psychic, Author & Spiritual Teacher, Phyllis King.

Soul Contracts, Choices, Insights and On-Air Readings. June 28, 2011. On "The Fog City Psychic" with Karen Hager.

Tapping Into the Power of Intuition, Creativity, Spirituality & More. October 4, 2011. On "The Fog City Psychic" with Karen Hager.

Energy Shifts on the Planet and How to Use them for Growth & Transformation As We Move Into a Heart Centered Consciousness. August 19, 2010. This 50 minute talk is from a free teleseminar I gave as part of the "Realize Your Greatness Program" with Marilyn Gordon. It includes a short, guided meditation.

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