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Office Hours: Times noted are Pacific Time/California. All sessions are by appointment only.

In Person in San Francisco and By Phone:
Sundays: 10am - 4pm.
Mondays 10:30am - 7:30pm.
Tuesdays: 10:30am - 7:30pm.
Wednesdays: 10am - 2:30pm.

Scheduling an Appointment: Please read the Policies page on this site before scheduling an appointment, posting a payment or listening to Matthew's radio show.

Psychic Readings: Please EMAIL ME and let me know how long a reading you want and whether you prefer your session to be in person or by phone.

Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Counseling, Therapy & Coaching: Please call for a free 10-15 minute phone consultation so I can get a preliminary sense of how I may best assist you and address any questions. I do not schedule formal appointments for free phone consultations. If you indicate some times that I may be able to reach you, I'll do my best to reach you during one of them. A phone consult isn't necessary for psychic readings unless you have some questions about it first: 415-377-7533

Fees: Insight and personal transformation are investments and we all need to make them a priority at times in order to continue to blossom. These investments can have a positive impact on your life for many years to come. My fees are reflective of the market rate and my own overhead expenses in the San Francisco Bay Area. You're worth the investment!

Psychic and Intuitive Astrology Readings:
Discounted first reading by signing up for my free newsletter & get monthly coupons.
Package Discounts are also available (after initial session).

30 Minutes = $100 ($80 with first newsletter coupon)
45 Minutes = $150. ($120 with first coupon)
60 Minutes = $200. ($160 with first coupon)
Package Discounts: Save Up to $101. on a 4 pack so I can support you over time. Package discount is available after your first reading.

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression for Individuals: The initial session lasts up to 2 hours. Subsequent sessions last about 90 minutes. Each session comes with a personalized recording. (Matthew is not responsible for technical difficulties). Most people schedule these sessions 2-3 weeks apart.

Single Session: $250.
Package of 4 Sessions (after initial session): $899. (saves $101.)
Package of 2 Sessions
(after initial session): $460 (saves $40.)
Because the initial session is longer, it is not considered part of the package.

Counseling, Coaching & Therapy: 50-55 Minute Sessions (must be contracted with Matthew)

Weekly Sessions & 4 Packs: $155. each
Lesser Frequency and Individually Purchased Sessions: $165. each

Executive Coaching, Hypnosis & Consulting for Businesses: Develop Clearer Goals, Enhance Productivity, Focus & Motivation, Expand Visioning & Creativity, Build Effective Teams, Improve Interpersonal Relationships & Communication, Enhance Wellness, Reduce Stress, Practice Mindfulness and Healthy Habits in the Workplace. Make Your Business Thrive!
In many cases, I can travel to your office and/or work by phone.
*Executive rates apply.

Contact me for details: 415-377-7533

Reducing Out of Pocket Cost:

Employee Flex/Cafeteria Plans & HSA's: Many of these plans allow reimbursement in pre-tax dollars for hypnotherapy and other counseling and coaching services - thus reducing your actual cost. I'm happy to provide receipts. Please check with your plan for eligibility and details.

Insurance: Psychic & Astrological Readings, Hypnotherapy and Coaching are not covered by insurance. Psychotherapy may be reimburseable in full or in part if you have a PPO that allows out of network coverage. Please check your plan for eligibility details. I'm happy to provide monthly receipts. I am not a member of any insurance plans and I keep my psychotherapy practice very small.

Sliding Fee: On occasion, I reduce my fee for people who are facing extenuating financial circumstances and who are committed to engaging in personal growth and making positive changes in their lives. Sliding fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Not everyone will qualify. In most cases, individual psychic readings with the initial 20% off coupon and other single session clients will not be eligible for additional discounts. Feel free to inquire.

1099 Consulting Contracts May be Available for Businesses & Executive Coaching Clients.

EMAIL ME to schedule your psychic reading.  Let me know how long a session you want and whether it would be in person or by phone.  For inquiries about my other services, call 415-377-7533
Please read my Policies Page before scheduling a session or making a payment.

Payments: Advanced Payment is required to reserve all appointments. No exceptions.

Paying by Credit or Debit Card: Use the scroll down menu below and login/proceed as a guest. All major credit cards are accepted.

PayPal: If using PayPal, please also be sure that your established account is linked to a credit or debit card. Payments that come through a bank account routing number are processed as e-checks and they can take 7-10 days to clear. I cannot reserve your appointment until your payment clears. To use PayPal, use the scroll down menus and login to your PayPal account when prompted.

Cash or Check: If you are unable to post a payment online, you may contact me to arrange mailing a check or dropping off cash at my office. We can schedule your session once your payment has arrived.

Refunds are not available. Please read the Policies Page on this website prior to posting a payment.

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