Testimonials About Matthew Engel


Testimonials about Matthew Engel - Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Psychic, Intuitive Channel

"Hi Matthew. Thanks so much for your generous, affirming, validating insights in my Psychic Reading. I really appreciate how grounded I feel after talking to you." ~ L.K., Oakland, CA

"Matthew, I'm glad that I finally made it over for a Psychic Reading. You've given me a lot to think about and it feels like a dark cloud has parted and the sun is starting to shine in." ~ M.H., Oakland, CA

“Dear Matthew. I write today, on the one-year anniversary of moving to Rome and I just wanted to thank you. I came to you for a psychic reading and hypnotherapy. Since then, I left a job I hated, quit smoking, have lost weight and am dressing fashionably. I work out with a personal trainer and eat well. And, I haven’t done speed in over a year. I am teaching at some very important businesses and institutions and I am finding myself busy with friends. I’m no longer feeling lost and alone. You told me I would find what I was looking for relatively fast and you were right. You helped me so much.” ~ D.F., Rome, Italy

“I’ve been through a very difficult life transition and I found the lessons learned from Matthew’s psychic reading to be profoundly challenging of my growth, hopeful, and helpful.” ~ B.K., Greenfield, MA

“My psychic readings with Matthew were very beneficial during my life transition from a long-standing career to semi-retirement. His input and guidance were critically insightful, perceptive, and supportive during a time when I was ‘reinventing’ my life. ~ N.R., Walnut Creek, CA

“As a result of the intuitive reading I had with you my life has totally moved in a different direction…I am so happy and feel so on track in my life and I wanted to thank you for your insights that have speeded up my finding the journey I feel that am supposed to be on. Thank You.” ~ R.G., San Francisco, CA

“I have used Matthew’s soul-insight into my emotional and spiritual strengths to help me feel more grounded as I took risks that led to greater peace.” ~ M.B., Medford, MA

“During a time of great doubt and difficulty in my life, Matthew provided critical insight and loving support through my psychic reading to assist in my journey.” ~ R.C., Boston, MA

“Matthew’s keen and accurate intuition coupled with his gifted counseling skills makes him a superb life coach.” ~ N.B., San Francisco, CA

"In his Psychic Classes, Matthew creates an extremely safe environment where I felt I could begin to listen more deeply and to trust and express my intuitive voice. I feel I've made a lot of progress in a short period of time - thanks to his skilled and loving guidance. Matthew is an excellent teacher and a very clear and accurate intuitive reader/psychic." ~ S.G., San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been through other clairvoyant training and I’ve found the method that Matthew teaches in his Channeling & Psychic Development classes to be the easiest way of receiving information from Spirit quickly and accurately.” ~ M.T., San Francisco, CA

“Matthew, I want to thank you for the Psychic Development & Channeling Classes. They have become a real part of my learning, growing experience and I feel enriched and enlightened in so many ways. I will continue my spiritual journey and be back for more. Thank you so much. ~ T.D., San Francisco, CA

“Matthew therapeutically guides me through my own self, selves, connection & soul. I trust him and am living the benefits of his wisdom, divine guidance and skillful counsel. Together we carve a pathway to my deepest wounds, the manifestations that resulted and the healing process that is possible. As a fellow licensed therapist I deeply value Matthew's integrity and professionalism. I always "knew" but now I "know" ~ K.K., Oakland, CA

“Matthew Engel creates a very safe environment for you to explore profound issues through hypnotherapy. I always feel able to go very deep, knowing that he is there to gently guide me. Our sessions have helped me address some very deep-rooted issues in a truly helpful and un-intimidating way. I would recommend Matthew to anyone.” ~ N.C., San Francisco, CA

“Matthew made me a personalized Hypnotherapy CD called ‘Healthy Pregnancy-Healthy Baby’ when I became pregnant after a miscarriage. I was having difficulty sleeping and was very restless at night. This CD had a profoundly positive effect on me. I used it several nights per week and it helped me to relax and get a goods nights sleep. I am grateful for this and would recommend his program to any pregnant woman.” ~ K.M. Syracuse, NY

“Matthew, I wanted to tell you how powerful that Past Life Regression was for me! I have been thinking about it a lot and a lot more has uncovered itself. I feel different, lighter, and more of myself… instead of hiding from people and things I am actually excited to put myself out there and build relationships. It feels good! Also, I looked into the region in China where (during the regression) I felt I lived and it actually exists! The regression was truly an opening for me and I am very grateful to you. Thank you so much! ~ B.N., San Francisco, CA

These testimonials have been posted with permission from the clients and students who wrote them. Initials may have been changed to preserve confidentiality. Additional Testimonials about Matthew can be found scattered about this website and on Yelp/San Francisco under Matthew Engel.

Most services are available both in my San Francisco office and by phone.

Matthew Engel, MSW, CHT - Intuitive Channel, Psychic, Counselor, Psychic Development Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Psychotherapist (CA LCS 24169).

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