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Astrologers have been around for thousands of years as astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to humankind. Astrological charts are formulated with a system of archetypal interpretation and mathematical calculation. Astrology tracks evolutionary cycles, events, the human psyche and societal trends. Astronomy is based on astrology (not the other way around). Astrology is comprised of so much more than sun sign horoscopes in magazines. Based on the exact time, date and place of birth, an in depth astrological chart reading can be a valuable self awareness tool to examine such themes as inner conflicts, areas of yearning, childhood wounding, the intricate relationship between parent and child, psychological templates, relational patterns, unique strengths, creativity, self expression, the roles we play in society, sex, love languages, personal values, dreams, fears, vocational paths, aspirations, body type, personal appearance, spiritual growth, soul alignment, past life themes, karmic lessons, and an overall pathway for the soul’s evolutionary journey. As a professional astrologer, I use astrological charts to enhance self awareness, deepen authenticity and nourish emotional and spiritual growth.

Astrologically, each planet is archetypal in nature and traverses the galaxy through each of 12 signs while also moving through 12 Houses in the astrological birth chart. Each house in an astrological chart represents a different facet of our lives. When a planet enters the domain of a different sign, its expression changes and so does its relationship with the other planets as they each dance their way through the astrological chart at different paces. This natural movement activates internal and external conflicts, creates opportunity to maximize the use of different expressions and grow accordingly. You might think of an astrological chart as a colorful cast of characters expressing themselves in a variety of forms and interacting with each other while dancing theatrically through the cycles of life. As such, the drama of life unfolds! Astrological symbolism is rich in psychological and spiritual meaning and can be used as a powerful set of reference points in order to assess current, life long and shorter term themes in our lives. The use of Intuitive and Humanistic astrology provides an invaluable lens for spiritual and empathic attunement to an individual, groups, businesses, events and our changing world.

As a professional astrologer, therapist and coach, I use astrology as a tool to supplement some of my other services for those who are interested in incorporating this language into their work with me. When available, I also offer astrology readings as a stand alone service. I began studying astrology as a teenager (over 30 years ago) and have used it professionally (along with intuitive work) since 2003.

Check out my Star Love Astrology School for a series of downloadable talks about a wide variety of astrological topics - for astrology students, professional astrologers, and people who are curious to learn more about astrology.

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Testimonials About Intuitive Astrology

“My intuitive astrology sessions with Matthew were very beneficial during my life transition from a long-standing career to semi-retirement. His input and guidance were critically insightful, perceptive, and supportive during a time when I was reinventing my life. ~ N.R. ~ Walnut Creek, CA

"Dear Matthew, A bit less than a year ago I spoke to you for a psychic/astrology reading over the phone. Despite the distance and the cultural differences, you managed to tune in and really communicate with my guides and help me ground in following through with major life changes I was about to encounter. So much that you have told me has actually occurred. Thank you for your confirmations and encouraging me to shift my life and focus on my life purpose which involves the healing arts. Thank you for understanding me despite my cultural differences and acknowledging how to give me guiding messages in respect to my cultural background. I hope to attend one of your workshops one day." ~  F.H. ~ Kuwait City, Kuwait. 

“I have used Matthew’s soul-insight into my emotional and spiritual strengths to help me feel more grounded as I took risks that led to greater peace.” ~ M.B. ~ Boston, MA

"Thank you again, Matthew, for the intuitive astrology session yesterday. It was good to see you, and I’m very grateful to now have crystal clarity as well as hopefulness that the right doors will open for me once I relocate. It’s so good to know you, and to have had your trustworthy, valuable support and guidance over the years (through multiple intuitive astrology sessions). Thank you for all that you are! I’ll certainly be in touch from England, and let you know how things unfold there ... With much love." ~ S.G. ~ London, England

What does your astrological chart say about the psychological and spiritual dynamics in your life and the trajectory of your soul's growth? Interested in astrologically informed therapy and coaching? Contact me.

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All sessions are conducted by video call or phone. In-person sessions aren't available. Current Status as of January 2024.

All sessions are by appointment only. If you are experiencing a mental health or other safety related emergency, please call 911, your local hospital or a crisis hotline. See Resources and Links Page for more info. 

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations and appointment changes to avoid being billed in full for that session.

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