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Psychic Classes, San Francisco: Why Develop Your Psychic Skills?
You are psychic! Most of you receive messages psychically all the time but  ignore this information or write it off as a coincidence. Have you ever been thinking about someone just prior to receiving a call from that person? Have you ever known just the right thing to say? Have you ever picked up a vibe from a person or situation that made you feel uncomfortable or deeply connected? Have you ever made a decision that did not seem practical to others but you knew inwardly that it was the right decision and things turned out okay? Do you ever feeling guided by an inner voice? Have you had prophetic dreams? Are you empathic, perceptive or highly sensitive? Do you ever feel like an old soul who's out of place in the modern world? Do you get "gut feelings" about situations and people? Are you simply curious about developing your psychic skills because something is calling you to explore them? 

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced Channel, you will learn through these transformative Psychic Classes how to harness and develop your psychic skills in ways that can help you feel more guided, grounded, and secure in your daily interactions and decision-making. These psychic classes are taught experientially through discussion, guided meditation, symbolic imagery work, mini-readings from classmates, exploration of the implications for psychological and spiritual growth through psychic development and so much more.

Psychic Class for Beginners: Learn tools for energy grounding and protection, calming, and spiritually centering as well as the basics of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, the wisdom of symbolic imagery, physical sensations, influence of the ego, and spiritual deepening. You'll begin to psychically tune in to wisdom and guidance for others in class in a safe and supportive small group setting either in person or from the comfort of your own home. Connect with other sensitive people who are exploring - just like you.

New psychic development students must attend psychic classes on 3/6 and 3/13. Prior students may attend psychic classes on both dates for $179 or on 3/13 only if they wish for $90.

Tuition, Level 1 Psychic Class: $179.
2 Saturdays: March 6 & 13, 2021 from 10am-12:30pm Pacific on Zoom

Psychic Class Level 2: Learn new tools to help you tap into deeper levels of psychic and spiritual wisdom for yourself, meet a Spirit Guide, improve boundaries, read the astral body and chakras, learn to differentiate which feelings and impressions are authentically yours verses when they belong to someone else and when your ego is influencing your intuitive impressions.

Tuition, Level 2 Psychic Class: $179
Dates: TBA

Psychic Skills, The Art of Prediction: This fascinating class will provide tools for exploring potential outcomes for both individual and collective/societal issues and themes. This class is open to students who've taken an Introductory Psychic Development seminar with Matthew.

Tuition, The Art of Prediction: $179
Date: TBA

Save $25 by enrolling in 2 or more classes in the same season.

Psychic Classes with Matthew Engel

Testimonials About Psychic Classes

"Amazing Class! I cannot begin to tell you how beneficial the Psychic Class was for me! I was (previously) missing the grounding meditations in my daily routine. I followed your advice have been doing these meditations every morning and night. I now sleep through the night, I can hold conversations with people for longer periods of time, I have a ton more energy, and most of all, I am happy! I'm so grateful I found the psychic class and am really excited for the next one." ~ L.V. ~ San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for the wonderful Psychic Development Classes. I learned so much and I opened up so much. Your psychic classes have been a valuable part of my learning and growing process. I look forward to more." ~ N.B. ~ San Francisco, CA

"I never thought that I'd be able to read people, situations or chakras. But the way you gently guided our Psychic Class through your process was truly amazing. I also really enjoyed meeting the other people in class. The energy in the group was truly a testament to the loving energy that you bring to the world. I feel much more at peace in the world because of your psychic classes. Thank you, Matthew!"  ~ C.L. ~ Berkeley, CA

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All sessions are conducted by video call or phone. In-person sessions aren't available. Current Status as of January 2024.

All sessions are by appointment only. If you are experiencing a mental health or other safety related emergency, please call 911, your local hospital or a crisis hotline. See Resources and Links Page for more info. 

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