Fees & Payments

55-Minute Sessions:

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Individuals (Weekly): $180
Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Individuals (Bi-weekly/less): $190
Family Therapy or Coaching: $200

Extended Sessions:

90-Minute Session Returning Client: $290.
(psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counseling, life coaching)

Initial Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression (New Client):
(Approximately 2 Hours in Length)

Astrology Session: $200 (60 minutes)

Clinical Supervision & Consultation for Psychotherapists & Coaches:
Contact me to discuss fees. 

Business Coaching:
 Contact me to discuss fees.

Pre-Paid packages are available if you'd like to simplify billing:

Weekly 55-Minute 4 Pack: $720.
Bi-weekly 55-Minute 4 Pack: 760.
90 Minute 2-Pack: $580.
90 Minute 4-Pack: $1160.

For people who are new to hypnotherapy or past life regression and eager to do some personal development work using this modality but highly anxious about getting started: An abridged "mini hypnosis" or shorter consultation may be offered at a pro-rated fee to help you prepare for and ease into the journey with lengthier sessions. This option is assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is neither required nor available for purposes of whimsical curiosity.

A Sliding Fee may be available for on going clients who are committed to working together consistently. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact me to discuss.

Posted when available.

Refunds are not available. Please review my Policies Page prior to making a payment. If you've read and agree to the terms outlined there, please select the appropriate payment button based on the fee schedule listed above. I accept all major credit cards and PayPal. I can also run your credit or debit card directly (off-line). Some HSA & FSA debit cards may not work with the payment buttons below. Please contact me if that's the case. Thank you.

55 Minute Weekly Session Individuals: $180      
4-Pack of 55 Minute Weekly Sessions: $720     
 55-Minute Bi-Weekly Session: $190                  
4-Pack 55 Minute Bi-Weekly Sessions: $760   
2 Hour Session (110 -120 minutes): $360        
90 Minute Session: $290                                       
2-Pack of 90 Minute Sessions: $580                  
4-Pack of 90 Minute Sessions: $1160               
1 Hour Astrology Session: $200                          
Family Session: $200                                            
Special Order: $160