Fees & Payments

* As of Janaury 1, 2022, the fee for 55-minute sessions will be $200; 90-minute sessions will be $300; 2 hour sessions will be $370.

Fees listed below are effective through 12/31/21:

55-Minute Sessions

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Individuals (Weekly): $180
Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Individuals (Bi-weekly/less): $190
Family Therapy or Coaching: $225

Although I am not a participating provider on any insurance panels, I'm happy to provide you with a Super Bill to submit to your PPO for reimbursement. Please check your plan for details about out-of-network coverage. I can also provide receipts for pre-tax reimbursement through FSA/HSA plans. A reduced sliding fee may be available for for people who are committed to working together consistently and have extenuating financial circumstances. Please contact me to discuss. 

Extended Sessions:

90-Minute Session Returning Client: $290.
(psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counseling, life coaching)

Initial Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression (New Client):
(Approximately 2 Hours in Length)

Astrology Session: $200 (60 minutes)

Clinical Supervision & Consultation for Psychotherapists & Coaches:
Contact me to discuss fees. 

Business Coaching:
 Contact me to discuss fees.

Pre-Paid packages are available if you'd like to simplify billing:

Weekly 55-Minute 4 Pack: $720.
Bi-weekly 55-Minute 4 Pack: 760.
90 Minute 2-Pack: $580.
90 Minute 4-Pack: $1160.

For people who are new to hypnotherapy or past life regression and eager to do some personal development work using this modality but highly anxious about getting started: An abridged "mini hypnosis" or shorter consultation may be offered at a pro-rated fee to help you prepare for and ease into the journey with lengthier sessions. This option is assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is neither required nor available for purposes of whimsical curiosity.

Refunds are not available. Please review my Policies Page prior to making a payment. If you've read and agree to the terms outlined there, please select the appropriate payment button based on the fee schedule listed above. I accept all major credit cards and PayPal. I can also run your credit or debit card directly (off-line). Some HSA & FSA debit cards may not work with the payment buttons below. Please contact me if that's the case. Thank you.

55 Minute Weekly Session Individuals: $180      
4-Pack of 55 Minute Weekly Sessions: $720     
 55-Minute Bi-Weekly Session: $190                  
4-Pack 55 Minute Bi-Weekly Sessions: $760   
2 Hour Session (110 -120 minutes): $360        
90 Minute Session: $290                                       
2-Pack of 90 Minute Sessions: $580                  
4-Pack of 90 Minute Sessions: $1160               
1 Hour Astrology Session: $200                          
Family Session: $200                                            
Special Order: $160